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Connecting the worlds motivated buyers & sellers

RealtyHive is a proven worldwide real estate platform that pairs intelligent digital marketing with strategic Time-Limited Events to connect buyers and sellers from around the world faster than ever before. 

After working with Financial Institutions and even the Federal Government, we revamped a retail version of our product to bring solutions to consumers and agents.

CASHBACK program for REAL ESTATE, and it’s free for buyers to use

Cashifyd puts cash back in buyers’ pockets at closing, connecting them with agents while giving full control over their privacy.

It’s an entirely new concept in money-saving apps. Instead of saving you money on products you use in your home like Ibotta, Rakuten, and other traditional couponing apps, or on the services you use to fix up your home, like Groupon or HomeAdvisor, Cashifyd helps you to save money on the biggest purchase of all — your home!

If Cashifyd was used on only 1% of the residential homes purchased in 2020, that would have resulted in $125 million in cashback to buyers.

Now available: share the app and for anyone you get to sign up, you both get instant cash rewards!

One company,
multiple revenue streams

The RealtyHive Difference

A tested, tuned platform with real results - and we're just getting started

Group 207

$1.7m revenue in 2020

Our initial investors already have invested $100,000+ on average

1,300+ closed transactions in the building phase alone

200,000 unique visitors a month

85% consumer adoption rate

All hands on deck

Wade T. Micoley

CEO & Founder

A big picture thinker and master strategist, Wade successfully started multiple businesses in banking, real estate, construction and other industries. As founder, his expertise in business scaling and operations lays the path for RealtyHive success.

Amanda Syrjamaki

Creative/Technology Director

There’s little this hyper-organized Jane-of-all-trades doesn’t do. Her work revolves around translating the goals of the sales team into actionable tasks for the web development and marketing groups and managing them as they turn into reality. 

Alex Ryczek

Director of Business Development

Alex is a go-getter and the backbone of the RealtyHive business development team. As a licensed Realtor & networking pro, he understands the challenges facing industry professionals and actively looks for new partnerships and business opportunities.

Mark Herman

President & COO

With 20+ years of experience in banking, lending, & investments, Mark plays a key role in RealtyHive’s expansion into new industries. As an active real estate investor, Mark’s knowledge has guided RealtyHive with financing & growth opportunities.

Gabe Gondeck

Director of Business Development - Cashifyd

With a long history of customer service and a heart of gold, Gabe conducts client/prospect education and outreach, performs market research, and assists with product development and testing for RealtyHive’s new cashback referral app, Cashifyd.

Laura Lutzke

Social Media Maven

As the social media maven at RealtyHive, Laura’s expertise helps put the RealtyHive products and services in front of the right crowd, and as a bonus, her creative eye for design helps visually showcase the company across all platforms.

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